Our Story

Brian and Lisa Bolter have picked a fight. A fight with wine snobs. The people who built that wall of intimidation to keep the rest of us from invading their world.

Brian and Lisa BolterWith a simple Annapolis, Maryland storefront this husband-wife team is throwing open the doors to exploration. It’s just juice, people. Then again, it’s juice that can change your life. A transcontinental trip in a glass. A slurp that knocks off life’s hard outer shell. A taste of life.

Brian was a Washington, DC news anchor. Lisa spent years in television news and public relations. Together they’ve created Red Red Wine Bar. A life altering decision to be the change they want to see in the wine world, giving a voice to the wine disenfranchised. As storytellers by trade, Brian and Lisa firmly believe the more you know about someone the more likely you are to embrace them. That’s especially true with wine. Their core mission is to connect you to the stories, quirks, the magic inside every bottle. Every single label at Red Red Wine Bar has its own unique, personalized tasting note. A way to “get” what’s inside without knowing one thing about the varietal, the region or even wine, period.

Brian is the cellar rat. Lisa is your guide through this one stop gastronomical destination. The 46 wines by the glass and 120+ bottles pair perfectly with her stunning gourmet menu. Think of it as Maryland coastal meets California gourmet with a touch of New Orleans gluttony. Red Red Wine Bar puts the loco in locavore, fanatical about using local produce, seafood, breads and artisanal cheese boards. A kitchen? More like a lab of flavor for this dining and discovery destination. The Red Red Wine Bar philosophy is simple. Buy local, support local musicians, artists, style, innovation, the creative community.

Brian and Lisa only have one request. When you spot a wine snob, let them know it’s all good. Red Red Wine Bar is an equal opportunity wine lover. In the end they’re good people. We’re all in this thing together and share the same love, right? We just have a different way of showing it.

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